Memes Memes Memes

Recently, in strategic presentation class, we have been talking about the actual reason as to why memes were created rather than the usual belief that they were created simply for a laugh. Before this lesson about memes, I did not realize that people genuinely created memes for political or professional use, but I now understand that there are a lot of memes that are a lot deeper than their face value. Many times there are memes that are created so that the general population can be exposed to serious events taking place in the world. This meme, however, does not really have a much deeper meaning, it was just a funny picture that many people can relate to, and I believe that is why it gained popularity in the first place.

Obviously, because this blog is about the sky, the meme is going to be about the sky too! This meme in particular, I can personally relate to right now because it is currently finals season and I have the same motivation to continue studying day and night as these clouds do in the meme. The spreading of this particular meme would be based on whether or not the viewer directly relates to the feeling of being lazy and not fully motivated to do something, and if they believe the content will be amusing to someone else they would share the meme with.

When it comes to the professional art world, I have not really seen too many memes that would either positively or negatively promote an artist’s work. Majority of the time, memes are used to complain about unfair events in politics or in the workplace and I don’t think that this particular meme represents that same message. This meme is more of user-made content that one person found funny and chose to share. It gained popularity simply because others also found it amusing.


Now Featuring: Searenka!

Hello sky-lovers! As you all know I have recently been collaborating with three other awesome sites, Searenka, The Glam Society, and Garden State Classical to advocate for an awesome non-profit organization, Americans for the Arts. In my last post, I created a screencast to show off the awesome work that Americans for the Arts does for the art community nationwide and how each and every one of you could personally benefit by becoming involved with Americans for the Arts.

Andrea Zerpa, author and editor of Searenka, has created a short documentary to show how important and empowering makeup is to her. Her short documentary relates to Americans for the Arts in the sense that they both focus on how important it is to find an artistic outlet to truly express yourself and feel empowered, whether it is through makeup or photography. Everyone should definitely check out her documentary about her personal empowerment through makeup and check out the awesome colors she uses in her different looks! The colors used in eyeshadows, lipsticks, and highlighters can also be found in really colorful pictures of the sky!


Hi mermaids 😺  I’m so happy to finally share with you guys my first short documentary titled Makeup that Empowers! For the last month, I have been working on a really big project as part of a team effort to promote the nonprofit organization Americans for the Arts with my collaborator sites, All Up in the Sky, The Glam Society and Garden State Classical.

Americans for the Arts encourages individuals to raise awareness about the importance of the arts and arts education by going on different social medias and voicing how the arts transform our communities, the economy, students, the well-being of the people we care about, our ability to be creative at the workplace, our understanding of cultures, races, and religions, and how they empower today’s youth.

My collaborators and I each tried to show how the arts are transformative in our lives through podcasts, screencasts and…

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New Ways to Connect!

Hey everyone! New updates when it comes to the Americans for the Arts organization. Here is the first screencast about the Americans for the Arts organization and new ways that you young, upcoming artists can connect to the professional world through new jobs and connections. Check it out!

Check This Out!

Hey everyone! Recently I have found another new photography blog David Morrow Photography and I believe that if everyone checked out his blog they could really learn a lot about new ways to improve and develop their photography skills. David Morrow is a photographer who specializes in photos of the night sky and he also gives video tutorials of how to improve an uprising photographer’s work.

Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 11.58.19 AM.png

Morrow offers free online classes to new photographers who are trying to improve their work and from his he can expand his connections and the art community as a whole. Morrow could profit off of this work, but the fact that he does not try and profit from teaching new photographers shows that his main purpose is to teach new photographers and never stop expanding the art world. This is going to incorporate into my final project as well because like Dave Morrow, my upcoming screencast on Americans for the Arts gives everyone another outlet on how to make one’s art more known in the art community and ways to get involved.

New Updates!

Hey! It’s Rachel, the author of All Up in the Sky and I’m excited to announce that for the next couple weeks I will be linking up with with Searenka, The Glam Society and Garden State Classical for a collaborative campaign. Since all of our sites address some form of artistic component, we are going to produce a series of podcasts and videos that provide tutorials, reviews, and information about the nonprofit organization, Americans for the Arts. All Up in the Sky will be making a screencast of the Americans for the Arts website to specifically talk about the philanthropic work done by the organization and the goals they are trying to achieve by raising money for the arts.

Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 11.55.56 AM.png

Stay tuned to All Up in the Sky, Searenka, The Glam Society and Garden State Classical as the campaign unfolds, and visit Americans for the Arts to learn about all of their great advocacy and research projects.

First Screencast

Everyone check out this very first screencast!

This screencast is the first of many and the screencasting is a comparison of two photographers, Mark Gee and Eric Cahan. I had a lot of fun creating this screencasting because I got to explore the work of two photographers who I was unfamiliar with prior to doing this and both of their work is really awesome. Personally, I was a fan of Mark Gee’s work a little more because he had a bunch of different sky shots to show off, but I think that Eric Cahan is a really, really talented photographer as well and I think it is even cooler that he creates sculptures and works with glass as well. While doing the screencasting itself, I had a difficult time figuring out how to adjust the size of the recording window so that I could fit in the entire webpages and make sure that everything on the screencasting application was working at the same time. Originally, the application set it up so that my entire screen would be recorded, but after figuring out how to adjust the recording window everything went smoothly. I am super happy that the video then uploaded to YouTube smoothly so that I did not really have to worry too much about the way to save the file and everything. Overall, this was a really cool project and I think that I’m most likely going to make a video screencast for the midterm project now because I had a lot more fun making this video than the podcast. Thanks for tuning in!

The First Podcast

This is my first of many podcasts that are to come for this blog. At first, I wasn’t too sure about what I would really talk about in the podcasts, but after thinking for awhile I really want to focus the podcasts on photographers whose focus is the sky. I know that there are hundreds of photographs of the sky and the beautiful sunsets, but I’m not too sure about many of the photographers who really specialize in photographs of the sky. I believe that these podcasts would be a perfect way for me to explore new photographers as well as the work of photographers who have been taking pictures of the sky for years.

Also through these podcasts, although it is not a major focus of the blog, I hope to find some pretty cool new instrumental tracks to play in the back of my podcasts. It was really cool to look through some of the instrumental tracks that were available on that I have never heard of before so I’m really hoping that there are many more cool tunes to find through the podcasts. After each podcast I will also post the artist who created the song that is in the background of the podcast because, typically, it will be rather hard to get a good listen to the song in the background but the song is really good and everyone should definitely check it out. The song the for the first podcast is called “Snakeling” by Scrapple and the instrumental is the version played in the background.

Altogether, creating this first podcast was only an introduction, but it was a pretty cool first experience and I hope to continue to make more of them that are more interesting and focus on some pretty cool artists! Stay tuned!

My New Header

Recently I just put a new header on my blog and I think the pictures are well represented of my life and aspirations. This summer I visited Israel for the first time and the trip was life changing. I traveled abroad on a Birthright trip and, even though the trip is mostly touring the country, I believe that I got to interact with locals who changed my life. In my header, the picture on the right is a picture of the artist streets in the town of Tzfat. This town was the most spiritual town I have ever been in and all of the artists there are solely focused on expressing themselves through their art and being spiritually healthy. Meeting some of the locals in this town opened my eyes to realize that many people find happiness in their lives without money and without worrying about being as successful and productive as possible, but rather focusing on loving the people around them and themselves. I believe that there is a very spiritual vibe that the entire town of Tzfat gives off and I hope to carry a little bit of that spiritual happiness within my personality everyday so I had to make it a part of my header.

The second picture I chose to add to my header was a picture of the views from a plane because, in my lifetime, I want to travel to as many different countries as possible. After this summer, I want to be able to experience as many different cultures as possible. I hope to study abroad for a semester and figure out ways to get myself to other countries and make sure that I can meet some of the locals around and experience the way that people live their lives. This picture also had to include a beautiful sky view because, of course, that’s the focus of this blog!

Welcome to My Blog

At some point in our lives everyone looks up at the sky and is amazed by the masterpiece of colors and clouds above us. Whether the clouds are breaking up to let the sun shine through or the sun is about to set and the sky is changing colors, there is always something going on in the sky and nine times out of ten its beautiful. Its really amazing to think that beautiful skies come from small reactions of elements throughout the clouds. The reason we see deep pinks and reds during sunsets is because of the elements in the sky reacting with one another based on the location of the sun, temperature, cloud coverage, etc. 19-redish20sunsetLook at the array of beautiful colors that have transformed the sky from the typical blue we normally see to a mix of red, yellows, oranges, and blues which is truly amazing. This blog is dedicated to all different types of sky views so that everyone can appreciate how amazing the sky really is.